We Get It: The YA cancer situation

For our first episode of We Get It, Karine, program director, and Geoff, executive director, discuss the young adult cancer situation to explain why YACC is here, and how it helps.

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The feeling of being left behind

“Physically, my body was fighting against a disease that was trying to kill me, and emotionally I was left struggling with the feelings of desertion and abandonment by those around me.”

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Cancer taught me to embrace change

By Ashley Stead-Morine My life took a 180 at 27; I’m not complaining. If you’ve followed my blog posts, listened to my story on Soar Above Cancer and Sickboy podcasts,…

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Localife Toronto takes a hike

On October 3, 2020, six Localife Toronto participants hiked through Mount Nemo in Burlington to enjoy the freshly turned autumn leaves and cool crisp air. Together, we walked all three…

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Localife leaders needed

Since 2012, Localife has been connecting young adults dealing with cancer in their own communities through fun, casual events and opportunities. We’re nearing the end of the term for some…

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YACC values spark

Community engagement manager Lesley takes a look back at how COVID-19 affected YACC, and how we’ve moved with it over the last few months.

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YAC Prime: Body image concerns of young adult cancer survivors: A brief report

“The purpose of this study was to describe body image among YA cancer survivors and examine relationships between body image and personal (age, gender), medical (time since diagnosis, stage, recurrence, metastasis, treatment status, number of treatments received), and psychosocial (distress, social support, post traumatic growth) variables.”

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PANEL: Moving Forward With Or After Cancer In COVID Times

With COVID-19 in the picture and some aspects of our lives starting up again with the new season, we know that moving forward, for our community members, looks a little different for you and comes with different concerns. 

Join us on September 17 to connect with other young adults who know how you’re feeling.

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