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Writing It Out!

A four-week therapeutic writing group. This group provides space, community, and prompting for communicating our emotions and experiences through written expression, all over Zoom!

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Program Details

This group is not intended to be a creative writing program providing editing support and feedback. In fact, Writing It Out! is a therapeutic program intended to meet you where you’re at: from experienced writers to those giving it a first try. To further this program's focus on accessibility, each weekly session is conducted via Zoom, so you can take part in the group from where you're most comfortable!
Next event
The dates for the next Writing It Out! group will be announced soon!

Who is this program for?

Writing It Out! is for people diagnosed with cancer before the age of 40, and currently between 18-39, who are interested in exploring creative ways of coping and holding space for themselves and their peers.

The benefits of therapeutic writing

Through the process of therapeutic writing, individuals can gain insight, clarity, and emotional release as they explore their experiences, thoughts and feelings. This form of writing can be a valuable tool with a range of benefits including:

What have the participants been saying?

How to attend

Registration information for the next Writing It Out! group will be announced soon!


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments at any time at [email protected]

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