Localife Toronto: Cancer Can’t Dance Like This

In the young adult cancer world, the word “growth” has come to represent some very scary things: recurrence, invasion, and spread. It isn’t often enough that we get to recognize a different type of growth in the cancer community: resilience, perspective, and humanity.

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Thank you, Katie!

By Lesley Morrissey, community engagement manager Katie Chanter has been a steadfast Localife Ottawa leader since 2017, but now it’s time for her to move on and let someone else…

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Surivor Conference 2019: The schedule

Here is a rough agenda for the weekend. We will try to stick to this as much as we can, but sometimes we go a little off track. We appreciate your flexibility throughout the weekend.

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Brain fog and board games

It’s always an adventure to remember whose turn it is when your treatment rolled the dice on brain fog. The best part of Localife is facing those challenges with people who just “get it.”

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