Geoff’s blog: Shave energy

“What do you do when realization bests your dream? If you’re YACC, you dig deeper than ever into your vision board.”

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Be a YACC Chats leader!

YACC Chats provide a way for young adults affected by cancer to connect in an easy, safe, and supportive environment. These chats are peer-led themed virtual conversations offered over Zoom by a team of YACC leaders.

This dynamic team could include you!

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Be a YACCtivist!

YACCtivists further the mission and impact of YACC through advocacy, communications, and fundraising.

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A YACC Chats update

After hosting over 30 chats, YACC Chats leader Marley will be finishing up her term at the end of this month.

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Localife Vancouver: New leader needed!

Since 2012, Localife has been connecting young adults dealing with cancer in their own communities through fun, casual events and opportunities. We’re looking for a new leader in Vancouver to…

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I have a challenge for you

During a conversation with a friend, Jenn’s “sour mood” turned around when her friend told her how he viewed her life. She would love for you to give it a try!

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