YACCtivists weigh in on AYA Cancer Awareness Week

The other day

“I went to my doctor and asked for help the other day. I tried to be self sufficient, but sometimes I can’t self-help my way out of the darkness.”

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Language barriers in my cancer experience

Gabrielle writes about being Franco Ontarian who experienced most of her healthcare in English. “It was especially difficult to engage with my care team and my experience in the medical world when the conversations I had to have became emotional.”

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Grief expectations

“I grieve the world from before the masks, the distancing, and the perpetual existential worry, but I also recognize that grief and love can exist all at once. I’ll be patient for what comes next.”

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Finding purpose after cancer

Andrea’s career path was thrown off after her cancer diagnosis and treatment, but it led to an unexpected path to something even better.

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Survivor Conference 2021: Chill recap

By Marley Cameron Wow! I cannot believe it has already been more than a week since we wrapped up Young Adult Cancer Canada’s Survivor Conference 2021: Chill! As is the…

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