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Telus and the Telus Friendly Future Foundation help keep the YACC community connected

We are sending gratitude to the folks at TELUS and the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation for helping us keep people connected through supporting ongoing improvements to YACC’s “web hub.”

A cancer diagnosis can be extremely isolating, especially when it comes before the age of 40. We find ourselves feeling left behind as we try to figure out life on an unexpected path while we watch our peers explore their independence, finish their education, start their careers, and plan their families. It can be difficult to find others who truly understand how we feel.

The YACC website lets people know they’re not alone and helps them connect with others through sharing stories, information, and experiences. We have plans to make the site even better and more interactive, and support from awesome people like those at Telus and the Telus Friendly Future Foundation will help those dreams come true even faster.

Every cancer, every stage, YACC has the backs of young adults affected by cancer because awesome people like you have ours. Thank you.

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