Geoff’s blog: Give young adults a place where they never feel alone

Flattening COVID-19 one kilometre at a time

“Inspired by my rekindled love for rollerblading, we are pumped and ready to roll out Roller Brave — a cross-Canada, virtual, simultaneous relay aimed at raising funds to support YACC’s support programs.”

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We’re one month away from the 18th Annual Climb!

We’ve had another tough run at YACC this year, losing amazing people in our community like Justin, Megan, Stephenie, Jody, and others. I’m climbing in memory of them, and to give YACC more resources to help their cancer brothers and sisters.

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Treason: “He’s a crook” (Part 2)

Despite the goodwill of charitable supporters and the belief that “it’s a great cause,” the trust and belief we charities are afforded on the revenue side is sharply contrasted with the treasonous accusations levied on the expense side of our organizations.

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Trust: “It’s a great cause” (Part 1)

We are excited to share our annual report for our 2015-16 year. It was a year of continued impact on young adults facing the end of their lives just as they’re starting. It was a year of pressure and intensity. It was a year we finished stronger than we started.

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We failed.

Failing to provide Stephenie with the connection she craves is our failure. This is not cancer’s doing; she had time when she was well, we didn’t have a program with spots available for her during that time. That stings in a way we haven’t felt before.

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