How has cancer prepared you for COVID-19?

What has COVID-19 taught you?

We asked our YACCtivists to answer the question, “What have I learned about myself this week?” Here’s what some of them had to say.

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Heather’s blog: On grief

There is no right answer on how you are supposed to grieve the loss of someone. This is the first death of a family member since my diagnosis, since connecting with YACC, and I didn’t expect it to be this hard this soon.

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Heather’s blog: The part we rarely talk about

“Since being diagnosed with cancer and becoming connected with YACC in 2011, I have lost a lot of people; it comes part in parcel with being linked with this community. Even though most of us know this going in, and accept it in part because the gains outweigh the losses, doesn’t necessarily make it any easier. “

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Heather’s blog: Risks and rewards

It has been during those times in my life when I listened to what my gut was telling me, and followed what was truly in my heart and true to me, that I have made my best choices, and found direction.

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