The good, the bad and the ugly: Truths about relationships after cancer

Heather’s Blog: Restart

“I have been plodding forward for the past few months, head down, eyes on the ground focused solely on what needed to be done in all the different roles I play in my life. Don’t get me wrong, those roles are important, but along that journey, I forgot and lost sight of the most important role I play in my life: ME.”

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Heather’s Blog: Sometimes the unexpected path leads where you’re supposed to be

Grade 12, graduation, and my eighteenth birthday came with me involved in a highly abusive relationship, broken, lost, and a shadow of that ambitious girl I had been just a few short years before. I had no idea who I was anymore, who I could be, and where I was headed next. What I did know was that I couldn’t live like this much longer, and I needed to make a change.

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Heather’s blog: Training to be a YACCtivist

It’s impossible to describe how each and every time I meet up with people involved in this organization, I leave with a sense of clarity, inspiration, and realism that I don’t always get in my every day life. The difference at the end of this trip is that this time it feels a little more like a beginning.

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