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Private Facebook Groups

Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) monitors a private Facebook group for over 1,000 young adults dealing with cancer in Canada. The group’s members share their trials and triumphs, as well as a few jokes now and then!

More details

Program Details

Our private Facebook group is a very supportive space where you can ask questions or simply share what you are going through. Due to the private nature of this group, our program coordinator, Kristina Mathioudakis, will invite you. Find her on Facebook, or email [email protected] to let her know you’re interested!
Expect discussions on:
- Sexuality after cancer - Managing relationships - Returning to work or school - and more!

What you can expect

Live Support

A community of young adults is at your fingertips and eager to help you navigate your current cancer challenges.

Private and Confidential

We know there are a lot of pieces of cancer you don’t want to — or can’t — discuss with your network. This group has no limits.

Connect with Others

Organize casual meet-ups, find people in your area, and stay in touch with those you meet through YACC events!


"Having access to a private, secret group helps me move through cancer by giving me that mental reassurance that I can ask a question or vent about a situation to people who may have had the same situation or question. They may or may not have the same type of cancer, but the experiences are still similar and the comfort is real." - Member of the private Facebook group

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