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Happy holidays 2023

A graphic of the YACC team's faces on cartoon snowman bodies. On the top of the image, it reads "Happy holidays! Love, The YACC team."

As we get ready to sign off for 2023, we are feeling overwhelmed by many life-changing memories of the last year.

They came by way of young adults affected by cancer choosing to change their own lives by signing up for something like Survivor Conference, YACC Chats, Localife, and our private Facebook groups.

They came from thinking about all of the YACCers, board members, and YACC friends who have stepped into a volunteer role and blown our expectations way out of the water.

They came from hearing stories of the lived experiences of our community members during events, and Insight meetings, and YACCtivist activities.

They came from all of the healthcare professionals and community partners who worked with us to achieve exponential success for all of us, and from the service providers who helped us achieve some of our wildest dreams.

They came from our team digging in and getting things done, creating brand new programs like YACC U, kicking off the Recover Study, launching the new YACC website, and showing up with open hearts and kindness every day.

They came from the many, many donors, Shavers and Shave organizers, and sponsors who put their money to work to make our work possible. And they came from the third-party and legacy fund organizers who share time and stories that continue to motivate us.

This note barely scratches the surface on all of the things and people we are grateful for, but if you’re reading it, please know you’re included on the list.

Thanks for being here; we look forward to being bigger and better with you in ’24!

-The YACC team

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