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YACC Remembers 2024

An aerial image of white person's hand holding a white mug of tea. There is a small pink heart between her thumb and forefinger. She is wearing friendship bracelets. You can see crossed legs wearing jeans in the background, and she is sitting on a wooden floor.

YACC is a beautiful community of amazing people with incredible stories and immeasurable kindness that is so much more powerful than the sum of its parts. Unfortunately, it is also a cancer-based organization, and that means these awesome connections sometimes come with profound grief.  

A few years ago, we marked the last Saturday of April as “YACC Remembers,” a day where we can all take part in a small “ritual” to feel connected and share our thoughts, and to reflect on some of the friends we didn’t get to spend enough time with.

We made it simple so everyone could take part from anywhere at any time. Basically: 

We’re still doing that this year, but we are adding a couple of other elements for those who want to use them:

Enjoy this meditative video whenever you want it throughout the day, or any time.

Join us for a guided writing session from 4-6 p.m. ET on April 27, 2024 over Zoom.

Social worker Dani Taylor will guide this virtual YACC Remembers moment through a mix of meditation, reflections, writing prompts, and opportunities for sharing and connection. You do not need to be a writer to participate, just a person who has experienced grief and loss.

This writing group is open to everyone, but we ask that you please register here to make sure you receive the link and other relevant information.

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