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House Party 2024: Vancouver recap

By Karine Chalifour, program director

On March 23, 2024, we had the chance to spend the day with a bunch of pretty amazing people at the House Party in Vancouver! It was so great to see familiar faces and to meet new YACCers. It was even greater to see some of our Victoria friends hop on the ferry to show up for the event!

As the hours passed by, the conversations were more and more animated and were getting difficult to stop. I love it when it’s hard to keep on time because people are enjoying talking to each other too much!

We talked about important issues like relationships, mental and physical recovery, and did some art to guide us on our reflections of some of the learnings and moments of growth that can come with a cancer experience. It was a day to remember and be grateful for.

We were lucky to be joined by generous and kind facilitators Jonathan Avery, Sharon Paulse, and Dr. Clara Westwell-Roper.

Add to that the heart and hard work of my sweet colleague, Kristina, and you have a dream day.

Thank you to everyone who showed up, put some trust in us, and connected and shared in an open and caring way.

YACC’s got your back!

Looking forward to reconnect again soon — maybe for the YACC Live show coming up on April 13?

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