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On fear

By Nicole Clarke

What is Fear?

Some say that the word fear stands for False Experiences Appearing Real.

Fear is something that holds us back from being who we are meant to be. It is something that is learned. We give it to ourselves and we project our own fears onto those around us. Why do we do this? The only thing that we should fear is allowing that emotion to take over and control us.

We can’t be present if we are focused on the past, or on the future. We can’t change what already happened, nor can we predict what is coming for us in the weeks or years to come. And with so much happening each day, why are we trying to? We can however, choose to be present. To have faith that what is meant to happen, will happen. We’ve all heard that we have to give in order to receive so if we know that, why can’t we give more easily?

This world is ours to explore. The ENTIRE WORLD — not the boxes that we settle for. Who is telling you that you don’t deserve more? If it is someone who is telling you this, what is it that is making you listen to them? Don’t we all deserve happiness? Don’t we all deserve to find what we’re searching for? Don’t we all deserve to be the best version of ourselves that we can be?

The simple answer is YES!

I’m not saying that you should just be given what you want. You’ve to to work for it. You’ve got to earn it. But not in the way you think.

We are all great at something. We all have something to offer. It’s up to each of us to do whatever we have to do to bring it to surface or to help and encourage each other to expose their greatness and more importantly, to share it with others.

If you meet someone or are someone who thinks you’ve got your shit all sorted out, that there is nothing more you could do to be even better than you were yesterday, then I have to step back and commend you on that one because there isn’t one person I’ve ever met who doesn’t have something to work on or improve.

Why would you want to settle for who you are today? Why wouldn’t you want to give more of yourself? You don’t have to have money to give. You don’t have to have special equipment to give. The best gifts are free. Give yourself. Give kindness. Give your skills, your knowledge, your talent, your time, your attention, your listening ears, and most importantly — give your LOVE! Give these things freely, without second guessing yourself, and I feel that the universe will provide, that good things will start happening.

We’re too quick to say things like “there is too much hate or bad in the world.” We are too quick to only see the bad in people. Instead, find something good in everyone. Love fixes and heals everything. Show someone your love, and see how quickly their “good” comes out.

Don’t blame others for what you have or what you don’t have or for how your life has turned out. Don’t give others that much power over you. Don’t hate on others for having what you want. What do they have to do with how you’re living your life? How about instead, you ask them for advice if you need a different perspective. Ask for help, if you feel stuck or alone. Don’t ever expect others to know what you need from them.

Follow your heart and follow the road less travelled. Trust your gut and trust that everything is going to be just fine. Stop creating problems. Instead, find solutions. It’s time to be accountable and grow, because just one step past your fear is freedom.

Today, it’s time to let go of what is holding you back. Today it’s time to cut yourself loose of the grip you’ve allowed fear to have ahold of you. Today it’s time to FACE EVERYTHING AND RISE!

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