A new gratitude and perspective

A new gratitude and perspective

By Lindsay Lorraine

I can still feel the rain on my skin, the drops falling off my eyelashes. But I don’t just feel the rain, I feel the warmth of the sun and all it stood for in the moment (and every moment since). I feel the warmth seeping into my skin, the life reviving my heart and mind.

I feel the dampness of the rain on my skin, the smell of fresh rain amongst fruit trees is similar to that of being in the forest when it rains. I closed my eyes for a moment to soak it all in, figuratively and physically, every drop of rain and every ray of sunshine flooded my body, heart, and mind. I’ve never felt something so powerful as tears started flooding my eyes and streaming down my cheeks, blending with the rain.

In this moment, I was grounded, completely grounded. I was at peace, a peace I hadn’t felt in a long time. This is when I experienced a major shift in how I viewed my life, a life I shouldn’t have if it were based on statistics. A new gratitude, a new perspective, a new push.

I knew in this moment that I was prepared for whatever was going to come my way, and I am. My world has been rocked many times since September 2019 when I had this breakthrough and major shift. I wouldn’t be handling my emotions, my mental or physical health the way I am, if it weren’t for this moment.

We have one life, that’s all we get. I make shifts and breakthroughs frequently, shifting towards a healthier, more vibrant, and self-sustaining lifestyle. A shift into a new business venture. A breakthrough in my emotional and mental health, letting go of the fear of failure. Not letting anything stop me, no matter who or what it is, I am grateful to be alive.

I trust that everything in my life is working for my highest good and I am receiving all that I am meant to have.

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