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It’s 9:21 p.m. Newfie Standard Time, any ordinary week I’d just be finishing up a game of hockey at the Prince of Wales Arena, maybe have a beer or two with the guys and head home to chat with my roommate and hit the hay, or else I would have worked through supper and hockey and still be in meetings.

Either way I am just as content to be sitting here in the Eaton Complex, still in 4 North A, and writing to you all. The topics of this installment have been troubling me for the past 24 hours as I have stumbled on to a few new realizations and feelings with regards to my situation. I thought that I might address some specific or even general situations that have been on my mind but I don’t feel that is appropriate at this time.

My subject: Since last writing I have learned that our group is reaching many more people than those just in the group, which I think is great and I encourage you to pass the website address along to anyone who is interested. I think I’ve said that about 30 times already and I’ll continue to say it as I mean it and feel it’s worth saying over and over.

I have been out on a day pass most the day, since 1:30, and I fear it has left me a little tired and even “at a loss for words”. Today was my fourth day in a row with a day pass and although these trips don’t involve much I am beginning to get attached to them and really appreciate the change in scenery, as I’m sure you can imagine.

I would like to play hypocrite for a moment and address a previous exchange I had with a group member and quickly return to my comment regarding your position. By that I mean the opportunity I referenced you all have as I progress through my Series. I don’t want to change my position or re-word what I said as I do believe it, but I feel I should perhaps qualify it a little. It was this previous exchange within the past 24 hours that shed light on my comments and from that exchange it became clear how I wanted to describe your “opportunity”. The following has been added to my “line, thoughts and other stuff” file and says what I wanted to say in some respects.

“You get out what you put in”

This is not saying that everyone must contribute 100% to this and every situation, but what I feel it does say is that you can decide what you feel and act accordingly. To each his/her own as it is said. So please don’t feel you must write 50 times a day or ask questions every time you see me, just make every attempt to get what you want from the situation. There are certain restrictions on my ability to share with you all, such as the facts that I don’t see very many people and that I have a significantly reduced energy level with relation to physical activity. I realize that each of you will probably look for something different, no differently than most every person would treat my situation different if they were directly involved. Simply, draw from me, and my situation, what you feel you need and want, whether it be motivation/inspiration, comfort, information or understanding of my position, whatever you wish, and I will do my very best to supply what you’re looking for.

I guess I’ve said lots for a guy who was lost for words about an hour ago. You know you will hear from me soon, and so you know I have a bone marrow test scheduled for tomorrow or the next day, this should shed some light on my “remission status” after the first period and game one. These results should be available by early next week. ‘Till next time….

Keep on Rockin in a Free World,


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