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Here I am

Hello my friends I’m back after a somewhat extended vacation, and pleased to inform you that the first period of Game 1 is over. It ended with the last drops of my 24 hour chemo drug on the morning of the 19th, and we have now begun the second period, which will consist of blood transfusions, specifically red cells and platelets. I feel confident to say that I am in the lead after the first and relatively well rested for the second.

I will make every attempt to make these updates interesting to read, and hopefully a little thought provoking. I am going to get a little more serious now and share some of my thoughts and feelings in relation to my “Series” by telling you some of “what having Cancer means to me.” Here we go.

Question: What having Cancer means to me. (is that really a question?)


To me having Cancer means, I can do very little if any work, it means having no energy to do regular things like walk around, it means having no hair, it means having platelet counts that are regularly under 20 when they are normally 150-450 and hemoglobin levels of less than 70 when they should be around 140-160, it means I’m in bed almost 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so far but that will change, it means I take a lot of drugs some of which give me a bad stomach and other aches and pains, it means these aches and pains lead to tests and often more drugs, it means I get way too many needles, it means, and I can’t believe I’m writing this, that I am getting used to way too many needles, it means I get to hear from people I haven’t heard from in a while or ever even, it means a delay in my schedule to take over the world, it means a change in short and long term priorities, it means I will have an opportunity to help a lot of people after my victory, it means I’m facing the biggest challenge of my life, it means that I may be in hospital for a very long time, it means when this is over, I’ll be stronger than ever and were going to have a big dirty party (dirty means good for those of you in more senior age brackets), it means a lot of things get put in perspective, it means you learn a lot about people and more importantly it means you learn a lot about the people in your life, and it means you look forward to the little things.

These are some of the things that have entered my thoughts since my diagnosis. I would suggest I will grow this list as my treatment progresses, and you can count on the fact that I will share them with you. Hope you found them interesting and maybe even learned a thing or two, remember if I haven’t told you already…

You guys have a tremendous opportunity as you get first hand knowledge about the affects of Cancer on a persons physical and mental state, WITHOUT ACTUALLY HAVING TO HAVE CANCER. I have learned a lot in the past 2 weeks and look forward to learning a whole bunch more, hopefully I can pass some of that on to you.

As always please encourage any and all to read this or any past message, my journey is open to everyone.

I will be in touch, take care and keep on keepin on.


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