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The tough and the beautiful about single parenting after cancer

By Ryan Blenkiron

It’s been three years since treatment ended, decimating my stage IV diffuse large B cell lymphoma. Among other life-altering changes since diagnosis, I’m now a single mom of three — my kids are now aged five, seven and ten. It’s a challenge to be a single parent at all, but I’d venture a guess that it’s harder to be a cancer survivor at the same time. 

Here is how it’s harder for me:

That’s certainly not a detailed list, but if you’re reading this, I am sure you can relate! However, no one wants to keep thinking about how it’s hard to single parent after cancer; it’s not a healthy place to mentally dwell. So, I am often reminding myself of the list of ways cancer has shaped my single parenting life for the better:

If you’re single-handedly parenting after cancer, I see you. It’s tough and it’s beautiful.

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