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The other day

By Anonymous

I had a panic attack over a missed phone call the other day. I knew even while it was happening that I was overreacting, but sometimes I can’t rationalize my body out of fight or flight mode.

I spent hours lying in bed going over worst case scenarios the other day. I put on countless meditations to calm my mind, but sometimes I can’t meditate myself out of catastrophic thinking. 

I had flashbacks to treatment the other day. I tried to focus on my breathing, but sometimes I can’t breathe myself through the memories. 

I felt guilt over putting my family through so much trauma the other day. I tried to be kind to myself, but sometime I can’t self-compassion my way through the shame. 

I skipped my support group the other day. I know I need to share my feelings, but sometimes I can’t stop my throat from closing up when I try to speak. 

I went to my doctor and asked for help the other day. I tried to be self sufficient, but sometimes I can’t self-help my way out of the darkness. 

I was given a bottle of little yellow capsules the other day. I did what I needed to do to be okay.

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