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The Thirteenth

Hi there everybody, thank-you all for your thoughts!! The puck has dropped!! Yesterday at approximately 1:00 p.m., my brother did the honors. The action thus far has consisted of some digging in the corners but by and large the tempo has been smooth and flowing, with the home team having an edge as my white cell count has dropped from 40 to about 23-25, that is good by the way. However I am a little low on energy but still in an offensive frame of mind.

I have to say that I am amazed by many of your comments, they are so descriptive that I am wondering if you are just making them up to help me feel better? Kidding. But if you are it is working. The past few days have opened my mind to how good the feeling of sunshine can be on your ass. So far you are the best collection of cheerleaders, die-hards and bleacher creatures I have ever been exposed to. (Sorry if this or any other email is too crude for anyone, but my “let it hang out attitude” has been enhanced by the hospital gowns! hahaha)

Today I am spending my first Birthday in hospital and I have chosen not to celebrate as I mentioned to my buddies that any birthday celebration of mine will require my participation not just my presence. This is your warning that some time in the new year we may just be rolling back the clock to this date, at which point in time we will “celebrate”, to put it mildly.

That is my brief update for now I will write more over the next day or so, have a good one!!


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