“Self advocacy”: What does it mean?

Overcoming my prognosis

“I was the perfectly optimistic cancer patient in public. At night, alone, I was laying awake for hours picking out the songs I wanted played at my funeral or the poems I wanted read.”

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Moving forward

Jenn recently accepted the sense of “normalcy” she felt three years ago is gone, but she’s pretty happy with where she finds herself today.

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What I wish I knew

“Together with my peers I have compiled a list of all the things I wish I knew. I hope this list can give you guidance where you need it.”

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5 ways YACC has your back

Being in this YACC community has meant showing up for myself, sharing life with others, and creating a thriving community. Why would you not want to be a part of that?

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Vulnerability is sexy

By Alex Mandarino It’s rare that we as individuals hold the power to change the trajectory of somebody’s day just by sharing a piece of advice or kind words. Quite…

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Fear of not living

By Ashley Stead-Morine Fellow YACCtivist Shana Coulliard recently blogged about her experience at the “Writing Through Cancer” workshops during our training weekend. The workshop unexpectedly allowed me to dig deep…

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