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Still Here

Well after talking about my potential discharge on the 10th, several days ago, I am still here in Suite 217 at the Eaton Complex. I have had a great couple of days, as I was allowed to spend two nights out of hospital, I had been in for exactly 5 weeks as of the 11th. I only spent about 4 hours in hospital over the past 2 days, as I came back to give blood each day, see my Doctor and get my drugs, then right back into the real world. It was a really good three days, I almost felt like a real person, getting to hang with my buddies and watch a bit of hockey!!

The Technical Stuff:

Blood Levels:

– Hemoglobin – stable in the 97-99 range, which is low but much higher than it has been, and it does allow me to act like myself for longer periods of time.

– Platelets – over 250, which is within normal range (150-450), so I can shave with a razor, not my face but my head! I am planning to clean it up in the next few days, maybe Santa will bring some head polish for XMAS.

– White cells – composed of three components, the Neutrophils are the most important and what we have been waiting for, well as of yesterday we are still waiting. There has been some movement, but our desired level of 2.0 is a ways off yet. Although once these babies start to move they should move quickly, so the Doc’s have told me.

What all this really means: The second round, which will really be Game 2 in my series, will not go ahead until my counts recover. Once they recover to very near normal levels I will have my THIRD bone marrow test done as well as a “spinal puncture” (which sounds really nice). The results of these tests will take 2-3 days thus the puck will not drop until 2-3 days after my counts recover. Now in case you’re not aware XMAS is only 11 days away and my two options for second round chemo are 5 days and 7 days long. Depending on my count recovery and the option that is selected I may be in hospital for XMAS, which would really suck. However, if I do a “delay my counts from recovering” dance, I may be able to postpone Game 2 until immediately after XMAS, say the 26th or 27th. This situation would be excellent as I would have a similar energy level as I do now and assuming I stay infection free I would be healthy for XMAS. Now that I have said all that, none of this is within my control and we are still in a “wait and see” mode but that is the situation that lies ahead of me, and now you all should have a relatively clear view of it.

I will keep you updated on my counts and progress. At this moment I am hoping to be out of the hospital every day on a day pass, although I am still in the caution mode as I still don’t have an immune system. Outside of that I feel great and if you were talking to me you’d never say I have Cancer, except that I have no hair and have lost close to 30 pounds!

Happy Holidays,


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