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Yes some parts are still on the rise, my platelet count stands at 120 today, however hemoglobin and white cells still remain low. My hemoglobin is around 68 today so I did receive blood during the morning hours as 70 is the borderline mark and any time I’m below that count I receive red cells. Patience is key at this point as there is no set pattern for my blood counts to return, it is very much a “wait and see” situation.

Great Conversation: During my first bag of blood I did have an extended chat with Dr. McIntyre, one of the doctors on my team. She is a really nice lady and we had a great chat, about my treatment, my future treatment, and my strategy. Today’s conversation was the first patient-doctor conversation that I have had where I feel completely comfortable with the communication of my strategy and the doctor’s understanding of that strategy. You may laugh, but I talked to her about “customer service” in the medical system, and how I felt doctors and patients should switch places. (I said she should lie in the bed and I’ll stand over her and throw some information around) I explained that the doctor should look at a situation from the patient’s perspective, and at least in my case, they should realize that they are NOT in control, and instead assume an important advisory role, but ultimately acknowledge and support the fact that I am in control. Dr. McIntyre agreed. A major element of our discussion was my treatment, and without getting into major detail I will be staying in St. John’s for my second round of chemo, which will start and hopefully finish before XMAS. The temporary plan is to finish second round and explore the marrow transplant options in the early to mid part of January. But really right now any plan is tentative at best.

Writing Frequency: I realize that my writing frequency has been not so frequent over the past while and I think that this trend will probably continue for a while. Simply put my energy levels are restricted at best, and I only get 4-5 good hours a day. These hours are filled with my family, of course Nurses/Doctors and tests, as well as SOME time by myself to think and stuff, if you throw in a few extended phone conversations there isn’t much time left, but I love reading my daily messages and encourage you to write if you wish. I have briefly referenced my plans for post-Cancer life, right now I feel like I want to begin some of these projects and they, like most everything, require effort. So I am asking permission to continue my current trend and pursue some of my other interests, don’t worry I won’t forget you and promise to keep you posted on my progress. Kidding, but I did feel like I wanted to tell you about my current plans and do feel an obligation to keep you all informed, and I will, but please be patient when time between messages is longer than usual/expected.

That’s all Folks. I will be in touch soon.


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