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I’m back, after a two day battle and I’m here still truckin’ along. For you Newfies, “the arse is out of my white cell count”, translated = Mr. Eaton your white cell count currently stands at 4,000 units, which is a scheduled but dramatic decline, all indications… you get the idea.

The past 36 hours have consisted of some dirty play, I never thought those Leukemia pricks would have resorted to such measures but that is O.K., I can play dirty too. A couple of but-ends in the stomach and a high-stick to the head were the core of their attack, nothing I can’t handle!!

Feeling much better today, as my Mom said, “I’m full of beans”. They are still pumping the drugs into me. The first period is scheduled to end around lunch time on the 18th.

Team Info: I have been thinking about the team name and colors and it was not until my youngest Aunt asked the color question that I realized there is only one set of colors I could possibly wear and only one Team name I could possibly play for, they would be those possessed by my old stompin’ ground, Prince of Wales Collegiate. Our Team name is the Cavaliers and we wear blue, white and red, my number is 4. By the way I am armed with a signed stick from the PWC hockey team (98-99 Edition), which I briefly coached and will again in the near future.

Thanks for all your messages, I love reading them. I don’t want this to become a one-way communication channel, I would still love to hear about your daily grind or whatever, now that I have all this time to think I may attempt to solve the problems of the world. Maybe I can start with your corner.

For those of you who are not Collegiate students/alumni I ask that you put your school pride aside in this forum, you are by no means obligated to cheer for the Cavs in the hockey arena, but I would love you in my cheering section in this more significant arena. As I mentioned, my home arena has no capacity and I would love to share my journey with as many as possible, please encourage your friends and family to read.

More later,


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