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Second Message

Its me again, sorry for failing to get back to you all yesterday, but you may have to excuse my inconsistency throughout the next little while, which is most unlike me.

As I mentioned yesterday my approach to this piece of shit disease is not traditional. Earlier this week I informed my Doctor that I was not fighting Leukemia, I was in fact on a Quest for the Cup and his primary responsibilities were to inform me of the size and strength of my opponent and when the puck is going to drop, and “I will proceed to kick the shit out that #%&@%$ who is trying to kill me”. And that has really been my attitude from the start, I am going to beat the poor Leukemia cells so bad they are never going to want to come back.

The hockey analogy works extremely well, not only for my state of mind but also because there are so many consistencies between a play-off hockey series and my Cancer battle, some of which I will highlight. – The first game consists of 3 periods, one week of chemotherapy, and then 2 weeks of blood transfusions.

Each round of chemo is like one game in the Cup Series, and true to form you never know exactly how many games will be in the series, at present I don’t know exactly how many games I will have to play to clench the Cup.

My Nurses, Doctors, Parents and Brother are the front office – they will be given official positions as we progress, I feel it is important to give Dr. Grewal a senior position as he has direct influence over the parameters of the game and most importantly my level of pain.

You, my supporters, are the fans. Only I can play this game but as you know it is much easier to play in front of an enthusiastic home crowd. I am recruiting cheerleaders and die-hard paint your face/chest fans, my home stadium has no capacity limit.

Just so you know I do have a stick with me at all times and will be having the ceremonial puck dropping later this afternoon.

That is a summary of my approach, there are other details that I have forgotten with regards to the analogies but I will pass them along as time progresses.

With regards to my treatment, I will be receiving chemo through what is called a “Hickman Catheter”, which is connected to a vein in my chest. The first round lasts 7 days. I receive one drug 24 hours a day and another for one hour a day for the first 3 days. Then as I mentioned I will receive blood products through transfusions for 2 weeks, at various points throughout this period I will get day passes for a few hours at a time depending on how I feel. Then I have a week off, which will be an evaluation of the first game and most definitely a change in strategy depending on several key variables. I will be in St. John’s for the next 3-4 weeks and after that who knows, as is the case in a Cup Series the players only take it one game at a time.

I feel I should also tell you that I have taken/shaved my hair, choosing not to have it fall out from the chemo. A couple of nights ago I had several buddies of mine come in armed with clippers, and they did the deed. It isn’t completely bald, as I’m not allowed to use a blade razor, my platelets are much to low and any bleed could become a real problem without enough platelets to stop the blood. I have been told that I will loose my hair in a couple of weeks, but as with most everything in my situation, everyone reacts differently. It is a very customized experience, some things will happen to most every patient, and other things will only happen to a select few. That said I can count on loosing my hair.

Those of you who have responded thanks for your comments, and I will stay in touch. Please encourage anyone and everyone to read this or any message I write, my experience is best when shared and it is my goal to share it with as many people as possible.

More later,


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