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I’m having a rough go

By Ashley

These are some photos of where I live right now, which is on my bed.

With my spasms and seizures, it’s really not safe for me to be home alone, but I have to be. My husband works 12-hour days, including holidays; my parents are an hour away; and everyone else I know has a job. 

It’s incredible how many addictive drugs get thrown at me. Pain? Here’s Morphine. Spasms? Gabapentin and Clobazam (which I can’t take together due to drug interactions). Most of these just make me tired.

Spasms in my sleep have fucked up my shoulders. Good luck seeing a doctor these days. Saskatchewan emergency rooms are turning people away. It’s never a good time to have cancer,  but the pandemic has complicated things even further. Hats off to the people living through it; it’s a rough go.

Two months later

After many medications, my medical team finally found one that can help me balance enough to walk a little bit. The waiting was worth it.

I am still waiting to get in to a rehabilitation program.

Special thanks to Stephen, Chris, and Ryan for all their support over the years and for shaving their heads this year! People like you make all this possible!

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