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Positives of cancer

By Jay Abramovitch

Tonight, I was chatting with a local colon cancer survivor who is very close to my age. I was about four to six months ahead of her in my journey, so I shared as much as possible and kept in close contact with her.

While chatting tonight she asked me, “Do you feel like you took anything positive away from your cancer journey?”

This stumped me as it was the first time someone actually asked me that question as opposed to the typical stuff that folks ask us cancer survivors (most of the time out of compassion and love).

I sat with that question. It’s often very hard to come up with anything “good” about getting cancer, but as I sat and contemplated my response, it became quite clear that as much as the last year and a half has been a walk through the fires of hell which turned my life upside down, there were some very amazingly positive things that have happened on my journey:

If you look hard enough there is always some light, even in the darkest of places!

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