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How things change

My Friends, as I refer to you all, just a few short minutes after I finished writing today’s earlier message Dr. MacIntyre dropped in for a visit and told me to …..

“Get the hell outta here!!”

Or something along those lines, anyway I am writing you from my new Suite, which is in my Dad’s house, yes I’m out of hospital! I am still looking for an immune system, which means my counts have not improved. However I have determined that this early discharge is directly related to my crazy up beat nature, and it is quite possible that if I was kept “chained” down for another few days I would have that hospital turned upside down!! So in the interests of the provincial medical system and my own health I have been relocated to my Dad’s house where I’ll remain until my counts recover to acceptable levels. At that time I’ll have a better idea of what lies ahead for me over the Holidays.

I will be in touch,


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