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Home for XMAS

Hello!! I spoke with my Doctor earlier today and he (Dr. Adams) informed me that my immune system is beginning to come around and that I will not have another round of chemo until after XMAS, potentially starting on the 26th or 27th!

Blood counts:
Hemoglobin = 105 (normal range is 140-160, FYI, but we are climbing)
Platelets = 290 (normal range is 150-450, I shaved with a razor the other day)
Neutrophils = 0.4 (target is 2.0, but he is very encouraged)

My Neutrophils need to be around 1.5 before I can resume public life, but they are on the way up and every day without infection brings us a step closer to the target.

Take care, and I will be in touch on a “deeper” level soon. I am doing really well and I look forward to seeing some of you in the next week or so. Don’t forget, XMAS is just 9 days away!!


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