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Good Morning or Whenever

It’s me!! I am writing late tonight but I don’t expect most of you to get this until the morning, so Good Morning, if it is afternoon… hope you had a great morning.

I would like to welcome the additions to the group, and bring all of you up to date on my treatment schedule and stuff as there have been many questions.

Today, the 16th, saw the 5th bag of seven 24-hour chemo bags be hung at my bedside, the 1 hour “push” drug only lasted for the first 3 days. So far I don’t feel too bad, I had a pretty rough time a couple of days ago, but have been fairly good ever since. If I can draw conclusions from what my Doctors and Nurses tell me, days 7 through 14 will be the low points and I can expect to leave on December 10th, at the earliest. (I’m not sure if that is a statement of fact or a challenge at this point, but time will tell)

As I write I am getting my third batch of red blood cells, since I have arrived on Nov. 6th. My hemoglobin count was below 70 today, which is apparently a border-line count. I didn’t get an official white cell count today but last I heard they were expecting them to be all wiped out by today, which means I have no immune system thus no visitors, but thanks for asking those of you that have!

I have been “playing” on my laptop pretty much since I have been in here and yesterday I started a file titled “lines, thoughts and other stuff”, which will consist of mine and other’s thoughts. I will make every attempt to give proper credit, when no credit is noted it is my thought. I will include a piece of this file for you most every time I write. Here is the first, don’t bump up your expectations as my environment can be a little stagnant and even “uninspiring” at times.

“Victory has never been in question.”

And that is the truth!

I think that will bring you completely up to date, if you are aware of missed details or have questions then please write and I will attempt to answer all questions and post them in the “Q&A” section of our website.

Til next time,

Keep on keepin’ on,


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