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YACC is hiring: Fund Development Coordinator

Who are you?

Are you a communication wizard? Writing proposals is second nature to you. Maybe you thrive on the “I’ll figure it out” mentality and aren’t afraid to hear the words “no thanks.” You would describe yourself as creative and ambitious, though you can see through the big picture for the smallest of details.

What you’ll do (Just the tip of the iceberg)

You will play a lead role in the Shave for the Brave by being the primary contact for Head Hunters hosting Shaves at their office or school — with support from a team, of course. Team, yes, you love them and they love you. Even when leading projects, you may find you have a co-lead so you don’t have to trudge this alone.

BIG goals come with BIG plans and even BIGGER ideas. This is where you’re ambitious, creative, and I’ll-figure-it-out attitude comes into play. Fundraising takes outside of the box thinking while you work with the acquisition of new partners or the relationship management of our current partners. Speaking of our partners, they can be vendors, schools, offices, and any donor in between. These relationships change the YA world so you’ll build new ones and grow the ones we already have.

There is a place in your heart for being the underdog, there has to be. The young adults living with, through, and beyond cancer who we serve every day with these funds you are raising hear that enough. They are pushing forward against crazy odds, neglected by Canada’s cancer system and research community, yet have been at the top of our priority list for over 20 years.

We are taking things to the next level for the 22 young adults diagnosed with cancer every day in Canada and it feels like you are the missing piece of our team. We can see you are professional, you know communication is as much about listening as it is talking, and when you speak it’s thoughtful and effective. Just like your writing. Which to add, we would love to see a sample with your resume.

Who are we?

Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) is a charity based on the east coast (St. John’s, NL). Just know that once you join our team you will want to hang with us in the office as often as possible, and we will want that too. Moving to The Rock is also an option, if you aren’t here already.

We’ll want to talk about your event experience, database expertise, and growing YACC’s donor base. We’ll want to show you our culture built on trust and empowerment, our team and how we take care of them, and our pursuit of operational excellence — not to be confused with perfection.

You should email now to apply to be the next star on our star-studded team. We will give you an opportunity to grow and change the world while having the most fun at work possible.

Some extra important stuff

You will report to the Executive Director and be responsible for the development of the annual fund report, development, communications, and recording of Shave for the Brave outreach, 3rd party event implementation, acquisition and retention, with ambitious yet achievable targets within each. Other duties include, but are not limited to: donor reporting, stakeholder communications, and proposals and appeals. It’s ok if you don’t speak French but it would be “très cool” if you do. Some travel will be required, including a visit to YACC HQ annually, unless you are already here.

Screening Criteria


$18-$21 an hour

For more information about this opportunity please email [email protected]

Deadline to apply: February 19, 2023

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