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Insight team: January meeting recap

By Joseph Neale

Click here to hear Joey read this post

My name is Joseph Neale, but everyone calls me Joey. I am a young adult cancer survivor. I am a Black Trini-Canadian male with an athletic build. I have dreadlocks that sometimes resemble a weeping willow tree. I’m a mellow, laid back soul, but meditating in the background is an energy equipped to fuel a rocket.

On January 25, 2023, a meeting was held to address the unique challenges faced by young adult cancer survivors and fighters, and to highlight upcoming initiatives to even the fight.

Before jumping into action, we shared the feelings that will spur us on this year. Those words were “bloom,” “intuition,” “self-trust,” “trust,” “pumped,” “gratitude,” “growth,” and “connected.”

Thinking of each word, what pictures do you see? What vision could you create?

The meeting discussed the physical, emotional, and social impact of cancer on young adults, as well as the importance of peer support and advocacy. Almost 22 young adults are diagnosed per day, a number I wasn’t aware of. Many of these fighters would benefit from a connection with the YACC community.

Thinking of your cancer journey, what would have assisted your experience? How can we better the young adult cancer experience?

For me, an app would be great. Not just any app, but a YACC app, packed with activities/games/resources that gets us through treatments and connects us with other young adults experiencing the same or different types of cancer. Informative videos from health practitioners or young adults with cancer experience would be necessary. “Like” buttons, comment section, and video/picture posts — the works! A place where fighters and supporters can look for support.

As always, Insight meetings are a powerful reminder of the need to support young adult cancer survivors and fighters and raise awareness for their needs.

Joseph Neale Lung cancer free since 21 @joiiTV on Instagram and TikTok [email protected]

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