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Want to be a Localife leader?

Since 2012, Localife has been connecting young adults dealing with cancer in their own communities through fun, casual events and opportunities. We are always on the hunt for great new leaders to help YACC with its mission of being “a connection to peers, bridge out of isolation, and source of inspiration.” If there are no positions currently open, we still want to hear from you. We like to keep a bank of interested participants so we can easily fill positions as needed.

The “job” description

Localife is run by volunteer teams of two or three young adults who have been diagnosed with cancer or have supported someone in their lives who was diagnosed as a young adult.

The role requires you to work together to plan at least six to eight *face-to-face events per year (some of these can be a literal walk in the park), seven to ten Facebook group engagement activities per year (i.e. photo challenges, etc.), submit some minor reporting after the event (i.e. blog post, photo/s, stats, receipts), and help with advocacy and awareness activities in your area where applicable.

*Note: Due to COVID-19, Localife cities have been going between online/virtual events and face-to-face events (when it is deemed safe) since 2020. We anticipate this trend to continue. It depends on the guidance and regulations based in each Localife city. For current recruitment interest we want the leaders to be comfortable with both virtual and face-to-face events so we can plan accordingly throughout the year.

Time commitment

We ask that all people interested in applying are confident that they can commit approximately 10-15 hours per event – with there being approx. 6-8 events per year [Note: YACC’s financial year runs from August 1 – July 31 each year]. This is a volunteer position, however, YACC will provide reimbursements to Localife leaders to ensure they do not incur personal costs through participation in the program.


Desired qualifications

You are:

Educational/professional background in one of the following areas is preferred, but not necessary:

Leader statements

Hear what some of our other leaders had to say about their experiences:

“Localife changed me in ways I can’t even explain, I loved every single minute with every single person that attended. We always had a natural connection and I still hope that I will be able to attend a few events after I am replaced. Each part of YACC, little or small has made a huge impact on me.”

– Kelly, Localife St. John’s

“Leading Localife is kind of like deciding to throw a party in the middle of a hurricane. All hell is breaking loose and you shout through the chaos, “Hey! Pull up a chair!” What a gift to be able to help facilitate connection and community for other young adult cancer survivors on their journey. In my opinion, leading Localife is badass and a lot of fun. Yup, there will be moments when your heart breaks as you listen to someone’s story, but trust me, even those moments become part of why you walk away from an event with a quiet smile and a full heart. Here’s to navigating the storms together!”

– Jenna, Localife Calgary

To apply

If you think you’d make a great Localife leader and you meet the eligibility criteria, please complete our open call for volunteer online application form.

If you have any trouble accessing the form or need to submit your information in another format, please email [email protected] for alternative options.

If there is a Localife position in your city available at the time of your application, we will reach out. If there is not, we will keep your name on our list for future opportunities.

Please note, this form is an open call for all volunteer positions within YACC. If another position also tickles your fancy, feel free to indicate so on the form.

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