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Huge thank you to our Localife Winnipeg leaders!

By Lesley Morrissey

Winnipeg is a hugely successful Localife city. It is down to an incredible local crew of YACCers, as well as consistent, hardworking, and dedicated leadership from the very beginning.

Three of our incredible leaders will be transitioning out of their roles as Localife leaders this summer, and we want to thank them from the bottom of our toes to the top of our heads — with a long stoppage at our hearts to fill up and push out some extra love.

Andrea, you have given years and years of your life to YACC, specifically Localife. You have been a YACCtivist, a Localife leader, a social committee member, an advocate, and so much more. You always put what is best for the community first and you always stand up for what you feel is right. You have helped shape Localife Winnipeg from the inside out, and we are so grateful that your legacy will live on through this role and many others.

Celine, you have been a calm, compassionate, caring leader. You have faced some very difficult times as a leader but you always put Localife first. The growth I have seen in you over the past year has blown me away. I am so excited to see where your drive and dedication takes you, and I hope to work with you again in the near future.

Mariève, your creativity and heart shines through everything you do. You are always fighting for those that need someone in their corner and you never lose sight of the needs of others. We need more like you in this world and I know you will make waves and change wherever you go. I look forward to working with you at Primetown this year and in other projects in the future.

The community — and especially Localife Winnipeg — thanks each of you for your hard work, dedication and love that you have poured into your roles.

But, to the locals in Winnipeg, don’t fret! There are still, at least, two amazing events coming your way, being planned and hosted by this fabulous team. One in May and one in July are being planned as I type this, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled to the Localife Winnipeg group for more details!

Become a Localife Winnipeg leader!

Interested in filling these large shoes and leaving your own mark on Localife Winnipeg? Check out this blog post on the criteria and desired qualifications. This is a great time to apply to become a leader. Face-to-face events are starting up again and volunteering is a wonderful way to give back as well as help you heal from your own cancer experiences.

Please apply by June 1 to be considered within this new round of leaders.

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