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Localife Leader - Winnipeg

Tobiasz is endlessly creative, friendly, and has strong administrative skills and interest in different forms of media.

He is a young adult cancer advocate. Having been diagnosed in 2021 with salivary gland and thyroid cancer, he underwent a 15 hour surgery, a separate thyroidectomy, and a skin graft at the age of 35.

The day after getting out of the hospital, Tobiasz joined his first YACC event, which happened to be the first virtual Primetown. Since then, Tobiasz has attended Yakkity YACC on a consistent basis. He’s also attended all of the virtual events.

Recently, Tobiasz attended a conference in Toronto that ignited his desire to be an effective advocate for a more equitable health system.

After learning about Localife Winnipeg, he’s attended numerous in-person events and has left a lasting impression. He looks forward to providing the best Localife Winnipeg experience! Tobiasz is excited to get to know all of the wonderful young adult cancer family through all of the upcoming YACC events.

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