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Nicole Clark


I identify as a mother, wife, 2x cancer survivor, sunset chaser, artist, dreamer, and realist.

Nicole is loyal, laid back and compassionate. She is a cancer thriver.

She was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2012 when she was 25 and pregnant. Four days after delivering her daughter, she was hooked up to her first round of chemotherapy.

She was in remission for almost two years before finding out she had relapsed. She then had heavier rounds of chemotherapy, followed by a stem cell transplant. She has been in remission since December 2014.

She found and connected with YACC in 2015. She has since participated on various online YACC programs and has been spreading the word about the organization ever since. The importance in helping others in similar situations feel less alone is why she volunteers for YACC.

Diagnosis: Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Age at diagnosis: 25 and 27

Location: NS


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