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I identify as an Indian, part of the Queer community, currently fighting leukemia, doing fun things in advertising, with a passion in music, movies and creation.

Misshka (she/her) is passionate, empathetic, and caring. She is a young adult fighting cancer. She was diagnosed in 2022 at age 22 with leukemia and is currently undergoing treatment.

She connected with YACC in 2023 through the House Party, just months after her diagnosis. Since then, she has participated in Localife events, YACC Chats and, of course, House Party where she has been sharing about the ongoing struggles of having a recent diagnosis and undergoing treatment as a young adult living alone in Canada.

YACC has been one of the biggest helps Misshka has received in her cancer journey and she hopes to support YACC’s efforts in making this difference in young adults’ lives.

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