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I identify as a caucasian, married, farm girl. I have taken on Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Animals are my passion. I am very fortunate to live a lifestyle where I have different species of animals with varying personalities to influence my life.  

Meagan (she/her) is empathic, a strong listener, and passionate. She is a young adult cancer thriver. Diagnosed at the age of 29 in 2017 with advanced stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma, she underwent two different chemo programs and radiation to be stable since 2019.

Being a rural Albertan had her traveling two to four hours in each direction for treatment. She lived away from home for a month in her horse trailer to complete radiation. Her first YACC event was the Big Cancer Hook-up in 2018. She has since participated in many YACC Chats, and virtual Survivor Conferences.

Finding a group that “got it” and where she automatically felt like an equal inspired her to help others find acceptance as they navigate their own paths.

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