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Localife Leader - Toronto

Joseph (he/him) is a 31-year-old Black male with an athletic build and almost neck-length dreadlocks.

He was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2012 at 21 and underwent surgery to remove two-thirds of his right lung nine months later on October 31, 2012. He now remains cancer free.

He joins this program to help bring awareness to other young people struggling on their own and others unaware of YACC and its many benefits. He connected with YACC around 2013, and in addition to being a Localife leader, Joseph has participated in Retreat Yourself and a Survivor Conference, and is on the Insight team.

His journey through cancer drives his passion to remind other fighters and supporters that we are on a journey of infinite intelligence and to learn from one and another, keep believing, and striving towards happiness.

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