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JR enjoying one of his favourite hobbies, canoe tripping in Algonquin Park. The sky is blue and filled with fluffy clouds. There is a line of forest in the middle with water below. JR is positioned at the right of the frame, wearing a dark t-shirt and sunglasses.


Localife leader - Toronto

My name is JR (he/him) and I was diagnosed with tongue cancer in 2020 at 27-years-old.

Following my surgery, I thought I could put cancer in the rear view. Six months later, I was diagnosed with neck metastasis. Following surgery and chemoradiation I am fortunate to be in remission.

In the years since treatment, I have learned that for me, cancer isn’t a “blip.” It’s not a challenge to overcome and leave behind, but an endured experience shared by many.

While I am a relative newcomer to the YACC community, I aim to bring joy, foster friendships, and support others through Localife.

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