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A selfie of Jamie against a plain, light-coloured backdrop. They are wearing a tie-dyed shirt in shades of brown and their hair is up with a bandana tied around their head.

Jamie L.


I identify as a white, lesbian, non-binary person, wife, cat mom, leukemia survivor, sociologist, researcher, and an advocate towards equity.

Jamie (they/them) is thoughtful, understanding, and perseverant. They are a young adult cancer survivor, diagnosed in 2006 with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). They began chemotherapy at the age of 16 and finished their treatment plan in 2009.

They connected with YACC in 2022 when they virtually attended the Survivor Conference. From their own cancer journey, they understand that connection, community and understanding are essential in life and especially in cancer where that can be taken from you so suddenly; this is a part of why they lead these chats weekly.

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