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Darryl Stratton


Where do you work, and what do you do there?

Senior Vice President for Data, Tech & AI at Genpact

When did you join YACC’s Board of Directors?


Why did you get involved with YACC?

I decided to get involved with YACC due to my personal experiences with my father’s cancer journey. Being deeply immersed in his treatment and care, I developed a profound appreciation for the dedication of cancer medical professionals and the support provided by the community. YACC’s mission resonated deeply with me, particularly its focus on understanding the non-medical impacts of cancer on adolescents and young adults long after treatment ends. I felt compelled to contribute and support YACC’s efforts to help young cancer survivors and their families.

What is your favourite thing to do?

I value spending time with my family, whether we’re exploring new destinations or simply enjoying a weekend at home. Traveling is also a passion of mine, especially when it involves places near the ocean.  Some of my favourite places are: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s northeast coast, Los Roques (Venezuela), Montepio (Mexico), Taganga (Colombia) and Bay Roberts (Newfoundland).

What has been your greatest achievement?

A My most significant accomplishment has been being a dedicated and engaged father. In my younger years, I undertook several extended backpacking trips in Europe, Mexico, South America, Mali / Ivory Coast and Myanmar which I also consider important achievements.

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