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Ainsley is pictured from the chest up wearing a black blazer, white blouse and a simple necklace. She stands in front of brick wall with a slight smile. Her brown hair is down, and her eyes are blue.

Ainsley Latour

Recover Leadership Team

Ainsley is a fair skinned female, with long brown hair. She identifies as a cis-gendered woman.

Ainsley (she/her) has been connected to the YACC community since the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. She is thoughtful, curious and passionate about elevating the experiences of young adults living with and beyond cancer. She was diagnosed in graduate school with a brain tumour, and completed treatment in 2018. She’s attended many of YACCs virtual programs including Virtual Survivor Conference, and YACC: Chats. She is also connected to Localife in Ottawa.

Ainsley also identifies as a researcher, and is passionate about research as advocacy, as well as inclusion and equity in research.

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