Texas 4000’s Sierra Route meets Localife Vancouver

Localife Edmonton plays its cards right

Localife Edmonton played the cards right and headed out to Table Top on June 19. The evening started with learning some new games. Once everyone had arrived, we played Telestrations…

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Special announcement: It’s “prime” time to make change!

Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC), in partnership with Dr. Sheila Garland and her team of researchers at Memorial University, JUST launched the YAC Prime Study! Not only does this study aim to be the largest of its kind to date, it will be the first to explore the physical, social, financial, and emotional challenges faced by young adults diagnosed with cancer and compare them to their non-cancer peers.

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YACC Remembers 2017

Karine and Kathy sat down this week for a short chat about why it’s important to pause for a few minutes today, how they deal with grief, and what they do to honour those they have met — and those they have lost — through the YACC community.

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