The whole 6 feet: Our relationship through cancer and COVID-19

Loving someone with cancer

This post is all about my guy and how he views our long, tedious, pain-in-the-caboose dance with cancer because at the end of the end of the day, he now lives with cancer, too.

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Being a rock takes everything you’ve got

This instinct to protect those we love is human nature. Intentions are good: seeking to shield those we love from sadness, guilt, worry — but the end result is a heavy emotional burden and a profound sense of isolation.

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Heather’s blog: Relationships, legacy, and living the life you love

At the Survivor Conference this year, we spoke about legacy, and what it meant to us. A number of us mentioned that is not what we want to leave behind, but rather what we are putting out into the world while we are still here living. I remember this every time I am trying to navigate any of my relationships, new and old.

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Dating after cancer

I was scared to date Dave. Not because Dave was a bad person, but because Dave was wonderful.

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