Blair reflects on living through a year of COVID-19

Grief expectations

“I grieve the world from before the masks, the distancing, and the perpetual existential worry, but I also recognize that grief and love can exist all at once. I’ll be patient for what comes next.”

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YACC values spark

Community engagement manager Lesley takes a look back at how COVID-19 affected YACC, and how we’ve moved with it over the last few months.

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Six month check in: Living with cancer in a pandemic

“I accepted a job days before the world changed. What if I would be redeployed to a COVID+ unit? Would I be safe? Was my body more vulnerable than others as the scars littered across my chest and abdomen might suggest? After almost six years out of treatment, I was angry that my vulnerable health might once again threaten what I had planned for my life. COVID-19 changed all the rules.”

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My emotional roller coaster

With a surplus of alone time during the COVID-19 quarantine, Jennifer found herself learning to cope with past traumas and emotions.

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