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Just a quick note to return to a topic that I introduced last week, and introduced poorly in my opinion. I have had several conversations with regards to a message of mine from last week and I haven’t been really comfortable with it since I wrote it. It was pointed out to me how difficult it can be to write to so many different people in one general message, consistently. I am learning this first hand! In case you aren’t clear about the topic to which I am referring, I was talking about “getting out what you put in” and how it relates to our present “opportunity”.

I am content with the general thoughts of my message but I didn’t express myself as well as I would have liked, so considering I am the author I figured I could re-visit and clarify. I think the real message I wanted to pass on was that I feel everyone should “go with your gut” with regards to acting or reacting to my situation. I have learned a tremendous amount about people and how they act in times of adversity, and each of you in this group have acted in a different manner, each in your own way, which is great. The other element of my message I described was that you will get out what you put in, of course in hindsight I realize that this element appears to make much more sense when I explain it this way. Yes, No??

I guess the core of what I wanted to say was don’t worry about your comments or actions when interacting with me, I am the same old Geoff, Geoffrey, Skeats (which ever you are most familiar with) that you have always known and I can handle most anything you throw my way. More importantly I look forward to receiving most anything you throw my way. This is a learning experience for us all, and personally I have learned more in the past 3 1/2 weeks than in the previous 5 years of university, with regards to people and relationships anyway.

Hope that clarifies my message of about a week ago, and as I say in my business letters…

Questions, comments, concerns? Forward them!

I’ll be in touch when I hear the news regarding my bone marrow test.


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