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My Personal Update

Hi there friends from all walks of life, thanks to my Dad’s handy work I have regained access to my email. (If this is a surprise to you it will become very clear in a moment)

I am writing to many different friends in one form email so this will be redundant for some of you, and for others you may be blown away, so I will ask that you sit down and take a deep breath.

I am writing you all from 4 North A in the Health Sciences Center, which is where I have been for the past few days, and where I will be for next 3-4 weeks for sure. I have Leukemia, hope that wasn’t too sudden but I figured you might be getting a little anxious. To give you a brief summary of how I arrived here, I was at a reception on November 6th, and around 5:30 I basically passed out in mid-sentence. It isn’t something that has happened to me before, at least not in a sober state, so I was carted off to hospital in an ambulance.

Side note : I have been in an ambulance 3 times and the first two times they had the sirens going and we ran red lights, the whole bit, and of course those injuries didn’t result in anything major.

Back to the story : So this time there were no sirens nothing, just a regular boring ambulance ride, me in the back with a bit of oxygen and of course those GD spine boards. As a result I figured it was just a precautionary move, nothing major. I arrived at the hospital and received excellent care, which I figured would last a few hours, then they decided to keep me in for “observation” over night. Of course then within an hour or so my “vacation” had been extended to 3-5 days, which was a little hard to swallow as I had big work week ahead. Then on the morning of the 7th, I met with Dr. Scully, some of you may know her sister from the X-Files, a really nice lady who informed me that I would be here for at least 2 weeks. Big pill to swallow considering I had a BIG birthday party planned, as I turn 23 (25) on the 13th. However, it was evident that my perception bar had to be adjusted, so I did just that.

A thought : When your gut tells you something, LISTEN. In my experience it is very rarely wrong.

I have had my computer at my bedside for several days, this was originally for work, but the bar was adjusted and it will now be used to document my thoughts and to keep in contact with you all. If you know of others who are interested to take the Challenge please pass along the website address to them as the Challenge is open to everyone.

Again Back to the Story : It wasn’t until November 9th when my doctor, now Dr. Grewal, told me that I definitely have Leukemia, but I knew something was up after that first morning conversation with Dr. Scully, and have been preparing ever since. As you may have guessed my approach, to kicking the ass of this piece of shit disease that is trying kill me, will be non-traditional if there is such a thing as a traditional approach. I have been developing and refining my strategy and I will share it with you in my next email which will be later today, as soon as I put it in a readable format.

Like I said if you know of people who may be interested to take the Challenge please pass along the website address to them, this group is open to anyone.

As for now I would love to hear from everyone via email, please don’t call as I have spent the last two days seeing visitors and talking on the phone. I must be a little selfish and save most of my energy for the fight. I promise I will keep you all updated and I’m sure my close friends and parents will be glad to talk to you personally, I will be setting up some personal communication channels in the next few days so please be patient. Everyone who has called, dropped by, or sent a card I really appreciate your support and while I don’t feel I need it right at this moment I’m sure there will be many times during my fight when I will look for it.

Hope this wasn’t too much to take in, and I apologize for not being able to tell you myself. I will be in touch later today, thanking you for your support and understanding,


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