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Localife Ottawa travels back in time

On Saturday November 3, Localife Ottawa traveled back in time to the night of June 21, 1994 when a group of scientists gathered in the depths of the Diefenbunker in the hopes of making the latest scientific breakthrough.

Walking around the bunker with our guide, Drew, we had to avoid being captured or eaten alive by the zombies. We had help from JP, head of security, to remove the alarms allowing us to find Dr. Alice Romero who gave us a treatment to get ride of the zombies. Unfortunately, our guide Drew didn’t make it — the zombies got to him. Once the treatment was brought to the vault, we were able to come back to year 2018!

A great afternoon with new and old faces. Localife Ottawa is always full of surprises.

Are you a young adult living with, through, or beyond cancer in the Ottawa area? Connect with [email protected] to learn more about getting involved!

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