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Localife Calgary goes tubing!

On February 25, 2022, Localife Calgary put together a tubing event at the WinSport Tube Park. We were able to score discounts for tickets, so we were happy to see lots of our amazing Localife members and their supporters come out!

We bundled up and met prior to our tubing time to say our hellos and introductions. We did a little ice breaker and went around the circle; there was some new faces, and some familiar faces, and all were so happy to be back in person.

Though at this event it was hard to stick together, we still managed to pass by each other and share laughs during the wait to go down the hill.

It was an absolute blast and just the beginning of our 2022 Localife events!

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A group photo Localife Calgary’s finest members smile at the camera before a night full of tubing fun!]

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